In short..

Action Plan aims to answer the question “How will you implement the project?” Where more detail is given about the team, project phases (milestones), future financial forecasts for the project, and so on.

It is one of the most important documents at the beginning of the project because it defines the initial steps and goals that the company seeks to reach in the first life period of the company's life and how stability will be achieved during this period and the continuous development of the company in it.

Components of a business plan according to Tree Bell for Economic Consulting:

The economic feasibility study consists of the following sections:

- Executive Summary
- The legal structure and legal issues of the company
- The organizational structure of the company
- Location and construction
- Products, services, assets and property
- Market analysis study
- Studying the quadruple analysis
- Marketing, sales and pricing strategies
- The company's financial plan
- Financial statements: income statement - financial position - cash flow statement