Service to study investment opportunities

If you were a farmer and you imported a group of fruit plants of the best varieties and the highest quality, and you have enough water to water them..but you were surprised that your land is not suitable for cultivation, what is your position?

Or suppose that the quality of this fruit is not widely required in the project area, or that its production costs are very high due to its great sensitivity to diseases and pests and its need for large quantities of fertilizers and special care... and similar potential risks

So that you know in advance that the type of planter that you intend to plant is suitable for the type of your land, and that it is not expected to encounter various problems during production, and that there is another type (alternative) whose cultivation is much better..

This is what we call the study of investment opportunities.

What is the methodology of Tree Bell in our study of investment opportunities?

  • 1. For a period ranging from 10-12 years, we study the economic activity of this region, especially imports and exports.
  • 2. The focus is on imports, so we schedule and classify them according to their size and type.
  • 3. We open a tab for previous imports in terms of government support for them or not, and what is the size of this support, if any.
  • 4. We study the legal and legislative environment that supports or encourages the import of the target commodity

We answer the questions of any investor in this field, such as:

  • 1. Does the state provide benefits or tax exemptions for this type of project that the client wants to invest in?
  • 2. Does the state enter into a joint investment with the private sector in such projects?
  • 3. Does the state buy the product from the private investor, as it buys electricity from alternative energy projects, for example?
  • 4. Does the current reality - political, economic and social - of this country represent an opportunity to launch this project, or is it postponed or even canceled?
  • 5. What are the future risks that might stop the project or make it a failure?
  • 6. What are the reasons that might make the project successful?
  • 7. To what extent is the project able to deter potential competitors in the future?

After conducting these assessments and answering all these questions, Tree Bell specialists take the initiative to present a complete report with recommendations that eliminate doubts for the project owner to make the right investment decision.

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