Relying on the professional service of TRIPLE, we offer our clients:

  • 1. Technical study of all production lines needed by the factory in terms of number and type.
  • 2. A technical study of production lines in terms of number and type of workers.
  • 3. An engineering study of the land and the building in which the production lines are installed.
  • 4. A complete study to expand or modify existing production lines.
  • 5. An integrated financial statement of the prices of production lines from the country of origin.
  • 6. A financial statement that includes the shipping cost and method.
  • 7. An economic study that includes the expected profits from each line on an annual basis.
  • 8. Determine the life span of each production line with periodic maintenance.

With the preparation of this study, TRIPLE specialists put together a final report that concludes with the following:

  • 1. Technical specifications of production lines.
  • 2. The final price of the production line is at the international price of the best manufacturing countries.
  • 3. Shipping, delivery, installation and testing method.
  • 4. Payment method and bank transfer.
  • 5. After-sales services by the manufacturer in terms of training, maintenance and upgrades.

TRIPLE is pleased to provide you with a comprehensive view of quotations for a wide range of product lines in all industries:


With integrated services and specialists in all fields, TRIPLE your way to entrepreneurship