In this field, TRIPLE offers two types of services:

1. Market study service.
2. Market research service.

In order for the customer to realize which of these two services is most suitable for his request, let us simply provide you with the answer..!

  If you want to know what to produce:

You will need to know who will buy from you or who will request your services that you provide, who will compete with you in providing them, and what is the nature of the market in which you will provide your product or services!

This is exactly what we call market research..

  And when you put your products or services on the market:

You will need to know the extent of the demand for what you offer? What is the geography that this demand will extend to, and what are the needs required by your services or products to cover the expected demand for them?

This is what we call market study

Types of market research:

  • • If someone stops you on the street to ask you what you think of a product, or to fill out a questionnaire or give feedback that you deem positive or negative.. This means that Tree Bell experts are conducting preliminary research that helps you know the extent to which customers accept your service or product.
  • • When an entity conducts a survey for its own needs, and we see in our organization that it helps in our research, we will use it in our work. This is called secondary research, which answers general but comprehensive questions related to what is happening in the market, its trends and needs, and who are the competitors.
  • • When we provide you with numbers about sales quantities, the number of customers, or statistics, these are fixed numbers that are completely related to what is known as quantitative research
  • • In order to know how the customer or customer makes his decision to buy the product or prefer your services over others..? We treat this human behavior in Tree Bell through qualitative research.

What does TRIPLE offer to its customers through the market study and research service..?

  Develop and implement marketing plans and studies.
  Establishing a comprehensive database on markets and competitors, and everything related to competitors' products, prices, marketing plans, geographical regions and distributions.
  Conducting marketing research and analyzing its data about the market and competitors
  Giving a clear picture of the target market and the expected supply and demand
  Determine the ideal time to launch the product on the market.
  Knowledge of competitors with their different patterns and knowledge of the products they offer in the market
  Evaluation of the preferential advantages of the product or service and its ability to meet the market need
  Provide a clear picture to the client of the chances of success of his project and what may threaten this success in the future.
  Opinions of customers or consumers of a product or service by means of primary research.

Our footprint in this field

Tree Bell works to help you make the right decision to offer and market your service or product and address errors in the marketing process.

Simply..! See your way to leadership in the business world.

Practical examples of market research and studies:

Tree Bell has conducted many market studies and researches at the request of clients, and the following are the most important of these works:

  • - Market study of the split air conditioners sector.
  • - Market study and research on the delivery sector in Kuwait.
  • - Market study and the reality of the engineering consulting sector.